Distance Education Program "Software Engineering for Embedded Systems"

Traditionally hardware dominated product areas are increasingly becoming software dominated areas. Many companies and organisations active in these sectors still mainly employ engineers without well-founded education and further training in the area of software engineering. In this context representatives from the sector have announced a huge demand for a part-time degree to further educate qualified engineers in the area of software engineering.

In response to this demand the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau now offers a master degree course as a correspondence course (in English). The degree course has been offered since 2008 and provides engineers with solid theoretical background knowledge in the area mentioned above as well as practical methods, technologies and tools related to software engineering for embedded systems.

The correspondence degree course is aimed at specialists who work in software development who want to advance their knowledge of new technologies and improve their software engineering skills by doing a master in this area. The degree course is aimed at engineering graduates (e.g. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering), IT graduates (e.g. computer science, business information technology) and graduates of non-technical degrees (e.g. maths and physics).

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