Over 200 PhDs have been successfully completed in the Department of Computer Science since 2000.

Viva voce date Name PhD title
03.05.2024 IuliiaBrishtelTowards Mental Imagery-Aware Systems using Physiological Sensors and Machine Learning
29.04.2024 LovroBosnarProcedural Modeling and Image Synthesis for Virtual Surface Inspection Planning
24.04.2024 AxelVierlingTowards Reliable Object Detection for Autonomous Off-Road and Commercial Vehicles
21.03.2024 ChristianJilekSelf-organizing Context Spaces to Support Information Management and Knowledge Work
15.03.2024 YuriyAnisimovReal-time Depth Estimation from Light Fields on Embedded Hardware
06.03.2024 TanitthaSutjaritvorakulTop View Deep Learning Object Detection using Active Perception in Construction Environment
05.03.2024 MarcusPirronHardware and Software Codesign
28.02.2024 JohannesKochModeling and Simulation of Internet of Things Infrastructures for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
15.12.2023 ChristopherKohlstruckDevelopment and Evaluation of Protocols for the Operation of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with Quality-of-Service Requirements
15.12.2023 Felix MatthiasStutzImplementability of Asynchronous Communication Protocols – The Power of Choice
14.12.2023 MichailKokologiannakisAutomated Reasoning under Weak Memory Concurrency
03.11.2023 TorbenFetzerOn Sinusoidal Structured Light Reconstruction – An Entire Pipeline with Improvements in Accuracy, Stability, Robustness and Speed
29.09.2023 AhmadAdeeModel Based System Analysis Techniques to Determine Propagation Paths of Functional Insufficiencies in Software Intensive Systems
27.09.2023 LukasBrauschOn efficient and precise classification of biomedical ultrasonic radio-frequency signals
20.09.2023 DominiqueMercierTimeFrame: A Novel Framework for Interpretable and Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning for Time Series Analysis
08.08.2023 SarwarPapluPersonalized Human-Robot Interaction Based on Multimodal Perceptual Cues
19.07.2023 ChristopherHeinzA Framework for Privacy in the Internet of Things
19.05.2023 NicoSchäferOn Enabling Efficient and Scalable Processing of Semi-Structured Data
21.04.2023 AlexanderSchäferImproving Essential Interactions for Immersive Virtual Environments with Novel Hand Gesture Authoring Tools
18.04.2023 Sk AzizAliFast Robust Rigid and Non-Rigid Registration for Globally Consistent 3D Scene and Shape Reconstruction
14.04.2023 YanCui3D Reconstruction Algorithms and Applications with Spherical Camera and Depth Camera
13.04.2023 ChenQiuSelf-Supervised Anomaly Detection with Neural Transformations
31.03.2023 Muhammad NumairMansurAutomatically Detecting and Mitigating Issues in Program Analyzers
29.03.2023 AvraamChatzimichailidisAlternative Optimization Methods for Training of Large Deep Neural Networks
15.02.2023 SebastianPalacio BustamanteTowards Interpretable Models for Computer Vision
09.02.2023 Aman ShankarMathurProgrammatic Interfaces for Design and Simulation
01.02.2023 Syed Tahseen RazaRizviFrom Scientific Publications to Community Insights: A Comprehensive Framework for Analyzing Academic Communities using Scientific Publications
21.12.2022 SteveDias da CruzTowards Reliable Computer Vision Feature Extraction by Novel Autoencoder Methods
21.12.2022 Junaid YounasFrom Cognition 2 Application: Bridging Gaps Between Formal Education & AI
19.12.2022 Muhammad NabeelAsimAn Efficient Automated Machine Learning Framework for Genomics and Proteomics Sequence Analysis
14.12.2022 Manuel LucasDossingerOptimizing Multi-Way Joins for Adaptive, Scale-out Stream Processing
08.12.2022 AlexanderKöpperBehavior-based Mobile Robot Control on a Hybrid CPU-FPGA Architecture - iB2C on SoPC
07.12.2022 Susanne BraunArchitecting Safe Eventually Consistent Systems
06.12.2022 MarkusSchröderBuilding Knowledge Graphs from Messy Enterprise Data
25.11.2022 ShailzaJollyBuilding Natural Language Generation and Understanding Systems in Data Constrained Settings
25.11.2022 AlexanderProhaskaModular Safety Analysis with Dependency-aware Fault Trees
04.11.2022 Hammad TanveerButtImproved Sensor Fusion and Deep Learning of 3D Human Pose From Sparse Magnetic Inertial Measurement Units
28.10.2022 Rodrigo Meneses Porto FalcaoData-driven context modeling for the elicitation of context-aware functionalities
27.10.2022 Mohamed SelimDeep Learning-based Head Orientation and Gender Estimation from Face Image
10.10.2022 Patrick WolfCognitive Processing in Behavior-Based Perception of Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles
26.09.2022 Paulo FernandoAragao Alves JuniorTime-Slotted Schedule-based Channel Sensing in 802.11 Ad-hoc Networks
12.09.2022 AhmetFirintepeDeep Learning-based AR Glasses and Head Tracking for Automotive Augmented Reality
05.09.2022 KiranMathewsProtocols and Algorithms for reliability-constrained Quality-of-Service Routing in IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) Networks in Contention Mode
12.08.2022 SizhenBianHuman Activity Recognition with Field Sensing Technique
03.08.2022 Muhammad NaseerBajwaTowards PACE-CAD System: Pragmatic, Accurate, Confident and Explainable Computer-Aided Diagnosis
29.07.2022 FelixClausDigital Twins in Self Compensating Assembly Processes
13.07.2022 Christopher PaulKappeVisual Analysis of Variability and Features of Climate Simulation Ensembles
06.07.2022 Frank WawrzikKnowledge Representation in Engineering 4.0
24.06.2022 KaushikMallikPushing the Barriers in Controller Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems
24.06.2022 Ivan GavranPlanning and Specification Problems for Multi-Robot Systems, Powered by Formal Methods
19.05.2022KilianWerner Towards Distributed Task-based Visualization and Data Analysis
06.05.2022Anna-PiaLohfinkComparative Uncertainty Visualization for High-Level Analysis of Scalar- and Vector-Valued Ensembles
29.04.2022FelixMöhrle Automated Fault Tree Analysis by Composition of Type Annotated Component Fault Trees
08.04.2022AlexanderKlausEfficiency Improvements in the Quality Assurance Process for Data Races
24.03.2022PaulNikolausDealing with Dependence in the End-to-End Performance Analysis in Stochastic Network Calculus
18.03.2022RenéSchusterData-driven and Sparse-to-Dense Concepts in Scene Flow Estimation for Automotive Applications
14.03.2022TobiasGrollA Hierarchical Approach for Autonomous Planning and Execution of Excavation Tasks
01.02.2022Rodrigo Augusto Da Silva AlvesTowards Comprehensive Cluster-induced Methods for Recommender Systems
07.12.2021MarkoDokoProgram Logic for Weak Memory Concurrency
01.12.2021UtkarshUpadhyayModels and Methods for Dissemination of Information and Knowledge Online
08.11.2021MohammadAl-NaserRecognition, Analysis, and Assessments of Human Skills using Wearable Sensors
21.10.2021SunghoSuhImproving Classification Performance under Imbalanced Data Conditions using Generative Adversarial Networks
10.09.2021OmairRafiqueEmbedded Software Synthesis using Heterogeneous Dataflow Models
07.09.2021KareemAminDeepKAF: A Knowledge Intensive Framework for Heterogeneous Case-Based Reasoning in Textual Domains
19.08.2021MohsinMunirA Hybrid Framework for Time-series Analysis - From Anomaly Detection to Uncertainty Estimation and Explainability
17.08.2021MarcDahlemUsing Enhanced Logic Programming Semantics for Extending and Optimizing Synchronous System Design
28.07.2021PatrickRuediger-FloreKnow What You See – Visual Analytics enabling Machine Learning Performance Evaluation
15.06.2021JohannesSchwankInteractive Visualization of Complex Data – Concepts Designs and Evaluations for Uncertain and Large Data Application
11.06.2021Luiz FabioLeite JuniorA Dynamic Risk Assessment Approach for Cooperative Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
19.05.2021MareikeBockholtAnalysis of network flows in complex networks
16.04.2021SarvenazSalehi MourkaniIMU-based Suit for Strength Exercises: Design Calibration and Tracking
12.04.2021BenjaminBischkeMachine Learning-Aided Disaster Response
09.04.2021PetraGospodneticVisual Surface Inspection Planning for Industrial Applications
12.03.2021PatrickHelberMachine Learning for Satellite Image Analysis – A Spatial Mapping of Urban Areas
24.02.2021MartinJenckelSequence Learning for OCR in Unsupervised Taining Cases
12.02.2021MarcSchwalbachAn Efficient CAD-Based Multidisciplinary Optimization Framework for Turbomachinery Design
10.02.2021Birhanu HailuBelayAmharic Text Image Recognition: Deep Learning for Amharic Text-image
11.01.2021ChristopherKramerProtokolle und Algorithmen für zuverlässige drahtlose Kommunikationssysteme
27.11.2020 PeterZellerTool Supported Specification and Verification of Highly Available Applications
26.11.2020 ManoharVangaHigh-Throughput and Predictable VM Scheduling for High-Density Workloads
19.11.2020 MarkusMiezalModels, methods and error source investigation for real-time Kalman filter based inertial human body tracking
11.11.2020 Muhammad Jameel NawazMalikDeep Learning-based 3D Hand Pose and Shape Estimation from a Single Depth Image: Methods, Datasets and Application
10.11.2020 FlorianFurbachVerification with Memory Models as Input
03.11.2020 MarkusEngelRobust Channel Hopping Sequences in Cognitive Radio Networks
22.10.2020 Arpan BharatGujaratiTowards “Ultra-Reliable” CPS: Reliability Analysis of Distributed Real-Time Systems
11.09.2020 AtabakNezhadfardIntegration and design of actuation redundancy in robotic leg CARL based on the physiology of biarticular muscels
17.07.2020 MohammedAbufoudaLearning from networked-data: Methods and models for understanding online social networks dynamics
10.07.2020 Jason RaphaelRambachLearning Priors for Augmented Reality Tracking and Scene Understanding
08.07.2020 Marius ObentheuerTransfer of Human Motion Primitives for Digital Human Model Control in the Scope of Ergonomic
03.07.2020 Kripasindhu Sarkar3D Shape Representations for Learning
10.06.2020 TusharKarayilArrangement of Image Information with Deep Neural Networks
09.06.2020 WeipingQuOn-Demand ETL for Real-Time Analytics
22.05.2020 DennisMosbachGeometric Modeling for Adaptive Surface Reconstruction of Computed Tomography Data
20.05.2020 ZuhariZafarMultimodal Fusion of Human Behavioral Traits: A Step towards Emotionally Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction
07.02.2020 PatrickFleischmannMap-aided Off-road Path Following for Autonomous Vehicles
05.02.2020 DennisSchwerdelEine flexible Architektur für verteilte Netzwerktestbeds
03.02.2020 AnneHeßRole-Specific Views on Software Requirements Specifications – An Empirical Approach
31.01.2020 AnoopBhagyanathCode Generation for Synchronous Control Asynchronous Dataflow Architectures
20.12.2019 Agnes JohannaGrünerblLeveraging Motion and Location Tracking for Supporting Cognitive State and Behavior Analysis
11.12.2019 ManuelRudolphGeneration of Usable Policy Administration Points for Security and Privacy
06.12.2019 PatrikFethDynamic Behavior Risk Assessment for Autonomous Systems
06.12.2019 ReinhardMunzTowards Usability in Private Data Analytics
22.11.2019 ChristianBailerNew Data Based Matching Strategies for Visual Motion Estimation
20.11.2019 VladislavGolyanikRobust Methods for Dense Monocular Non-Rigid 3D Reconstruction and Alignment of Point Clouds
29.10.2019 BoZhouTextile Pressure Mapping (TPM) for Pervasive and Wearable Activity Recognition: Sensing, Framework and Applications
25.10.2019 AdityaTewariPrior-Knowledge Addition to Spatial and Temporal Classification Models with Demonstration on Hand Shape and Gesture Classification
10.09.2019 BinishTanveerUtilizing change impact analysis for improving effort estimation in agile software development
09.09.2019 SebastianMüllerContract-Based Safety Certification for the Dynamic Adaptation Behavior of Networked Embedded Systems
02.09.2019 Alessandro AssiMarroFramework for Local Restructure of Meshed Surfaces
27.08.2019 TimBiedertTowards Efficient Ray Casting-Based Visualization on Heterogeneous HPC Architectures
15.08.2019 EvicaMilchevskiSimilarity Search Algorithms over Top-k Rankings and Class-Constrained Objects
02.08.2019 MathiasWeberAccess Control for Weakly Consistent Replicated Information Systems
30.07.2019 ThorstenRopertzDesign and Analysis of Behavior-Based Systems using Formal Techniques
26.07.2019 TriptiJainNonblocking On-Chip Interconnection Networks
19.07.2019 JonasLukasczykTopology-Based Characterization and Visual Analysis of Feature Evolution in Large-Scale Simulations
17.07.2019 SteffenSchützCARL – A Compliant Robotic Leg Designed for Human-Like Bipedal Locomotion
16.07.2019 SohamChakrabortyCorrect Compilation of Relaxed Memory Concurrency
15.07.2019 MiaoFangModel-Based Software Derivation for Industrial Automation Management Systems
12.07.2019 PhilippDieboldAgile Practice Experience Repository for Process Improvement
17.06.2019 ValentinFütterlingScalable Algorithms for Realistic Real-time Rendering
07.06.2019 MaximilianSenftlebenModelling Memory Consistency Models for Formal Verification
10.05.2019 ShoyaIshimaruMeta-Augmented Human: From Physical to Cognitive Towards Affective State Recognition
06.05.2019 AndreasMaierIdentification and Specification of Hedonic Quality in User Requirements
03.05.2019 ChristianJungContext-aware Security
03.05.2019 FilipNiksicCombinatorial Constructions for Effective Testing
29.04.2019 DominikRostTask-Specific Architecture Documentation for Developers
10.04.2019 KirilPanevExploring Data through Ranked Entities
05.04.2019 BenjaminKarerQualitative Principles of Visual Information Encodings
27.03.2019 QiLiuAdaptive Control Framework in B4LC with Optimization and Reinforcement Learning
26.03.2019 Deepthi DevakiAkkoorathScalable Consistency in the Multi-core Era
01.03.2019MarkusKronenbergerAlgorithmic Curvature Theories in 3D Image Processing
20.12.2018LarsHüttenbergerVisualization and Analysis of Multifields using Pareto Sets
05.12.2018MalteBrunnliebSource Code Transformation based on Architecture Implementation Patterns
30.11.2018HassanIssaAssessment, Semantification and Applications of Sensor Data
08.11.2018MatthiasKreilWearable Activity Recognition using Invariant Signal Segments
30.10.2018MathiasHummelTrajectory-Based Analysis of Flow Simulation Data
11.09.2018KoninikaPalMining and Querying Ranked Entities
20.08.2018Federico AlbertoRaueAssociation Learning inspired by the Symbol Grounding Problem
06.07.2018ChristinaGillmannImage Processing under Uncertainty
29.06.2018MatthiasScherMobility Improves the Security of Location Awareness in Wireless Networks
29.06.2018SudeTavassoliAnalyzing Centrality Indices in Complex Networks: an Approach Using Fuzzy Aggregation Operators
14.06.2018JohannesKloosHeap-based reasoning about asynchronous programs
11.06.2018MaxSagebaumAdvanced techniques for the semi automatic transition from simulation to design software
16.05.2018GregorZolynskiCognitive Maps for Autonomous Machines in Construction and Civil Engineering
11.05.2018DanielBergerDesign and Analysis of Adaptive Caching Techniques for Internet Content Delivery
12.04.2018SebastianSchöffelVisualizing Multi-Variate Process Data - Concepts, Applications and Evaluation
09.04.2018JrnHeesSimulating Human Associations with Linked Data
26.03.2018DianaFernandez-PrietoVisualization for Simulation-Based Decision Support in Manufacturing
22.03.2018TobiasPostVisual Analysis for Graphs, Networks and Flows
22.03.2018FrancaRupprechtScalable Human-Centered Decision Making Processes in Virtual Environments
20.03.2018RiazAhmadDEEPASHTO - An End-to-End OCR System for Pashto Cursive Script
12.03.2018KonstantinHollQuality Assurance for Mobile Business Applications
18.01.2018JensWeppnerWireless Signal Based Crowd Condition Estimation
15.12.2017John MichaelPatchettDelivering Supercomputing to the Ultrascale
10.11.2017XianLiInduction-based Verification of Synchronous and Hybrid Programs
24.10.2017ChristianSchmittA Model for Structuring and Reusing Security Requirements Sources
25.09.2017JohannesSchildgen Datentransformationen in NoSQL-Datenbanken
21.09.2017YanChenImplicit Self-Adjusting Computation for Purely Functional Programs
01.09.2017OliverWasenmüllerTowards an Accurate RGB-D Benchmark, Mapping and Odometry as well as their Applications
21.08.2017CaetanoSauerModern techniques for transaction-oriented database recovery
31.07.2017YongHuTemporal Data Management and Incremental Data Recomputation with Wide-column Stores and MapReduce
12.07.2017HadilAbukwaikProactive Support of Conceptual Interoperability Analysis of Software Units
27.03.2017MichaelRothQualitative Reliability Analysis of Software-Controlled Systems using State/Event Fault Trees
12.12.2016MichaelArndtSafe and Cost-Efficient Mobile Robot Navigation in Aware Environments
08.12.2016JuliaPortlVisual Analysis of Neuromuscular Junctions
06.12.2016ThomasPfisterRobust Localization for Mobile Robots in Forest Environments
02.12.2016WolfgangSchlauchAnalysis of Different Random Graph Models in the Identification of Network Motifs in Complex Networks
25.11.2016LisaKiekbuschAnalysis and Verification of Complex Robot Systems using Behaviour-Based Control
25.11.2016GeraldPirklMagnetic Field-based Localization System
21.11.2016Muhammad ZeshanAfzalDeep Learning in Space and Time for Document Image Processing
24.10.2016MichaelBeckAdvances in Theory and Applicability of Stochastic Network Calculus
14.10.2016GeorgelCalinVerification Techniques for TSO-Relaxed Programs
27.09.2016AbbasSiddiquiRequirements Aware Template Based Protocol Graphs for Service Oriented Network Architecture
23.09.2016MarkusWeberAutomatic Detection of Modes in Human Computer Interaction
08.09.2016CarnaRadojicicSymbolic Simulation of Mixed-Signal Systems with Extended Affine Arithmetic
08.09.2016Salah FalihAl-DarrajiPerception of Nonverbal Cues for Human-Robot Interaction
29.08.2016MaxSteinerIntegrating Security Concerns into Safety Analysis of Embedded Systems Using Component Fault Trees
15.07.2016DanielSchmidtShaping the Future – A Control Architecture for Autonomous Landscaping with an Excavator
12.07.2016SteffenBondorfWorst-Case Performance Analysis of Feed-Forward Networks - An Efficient and Accurate Network Calculus
08.07.2016SebastianWildDual-Pivot Quicksort and Beyond: Analysis of Multiway Partitioning and Its Practical Potential
06.07.2016JieZhaoAdvanced Walking Skills for Bipedal Locomotion
24.06.2016Liliana KatherineGuzman RehbeinEmpirically-based Method for Performing Qualitative Synthesis in Software Engineering
22.06.2016PabloOliveira Antonino de AssisImproving the Consistency and Completeness of Safety Requirements Specifications
17.06.2016HassanMohammadVerification and Performance Measurement for Transport Protocol Parallel Routing of an AUTOSAR Gateway System
14.06.2016JensWettachExploration Strategies for Indoor Environments
03.06.2016YasminAl-ZokariInteractive Visualizations Supporting Minimal Cut Set Analysis II
13.05.2016AndreSchmeißerContact Modeling Algorithms for Fiber Dynamics Simulations
22.04.2016MichaelKläsHyDEEP: Transparent Combination of Measurement and Expert Data for Defect Prediction
21.03.2016Istemi EkinAkkusTowards a Non-tracking Web
11.03.2016BerndKrollaHeterogeneous Reconstruction Approaches for Object and Scene Representation
10.03.2016ZilongWangAlgorithms and Tools for Verification and Testing of Asynchronous Programs
07.03.2016WonminByeonImage Analysis with Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks
12.02.2016ThomasBauerEnabling Functional Integration Testing by Using Heterogeneous Models
25.01.2016NormanRiegelPrioritization in Incremental Requirements Engineering
22.01.2016AlaAbuthawabehMulti-Edge Graph Visualizations for Fostering Software Comprehension
03.11.2015TakumiToyamaTowards Wearable Attention-Aware Systems in Everyday Environments
22.10.2015AnneBerresDiscrete Geometric Methods for Surface Deformation and Visualisation
20.10.2015AnetaKabzevaMulti-Layer Modeling of Service Networks
19.10.2015Muhammad ImranMalikAutomatic Signature Verification: Bridging the Gap between Existing Pattern Recognition Methods and Forensic Science
24.07.2015JensBauerLarge Display Interaction Using Mobile Devices
24.07.2015RagaadAlTarawnehInteractive Visual Support for Understanding the Structural and Behavioural Aspects of Embedded Systems
24.07.2015HaoWangModeling and Performance Analysis of Networks with Flow Transformations
17.07.2015TaimurKhanInteractive Visual Analysis of Software Structures
17.07.2015KathrinHäbVisualization and Analysis Techniques for Urban Microclimate Data Sets
03.07.2015ChristopherArmbrustDesign and Verification of Behaviour-Based Systems Realising Task Sequences
26.06.2015MartinMemmelSocially Enhanced Access to Digital Resources - Aggregating Resources and Metadata in a Social Hub
19.06.2015GeorgZetzscheMonoids as storage mechanisms
12.06.2015RahamatullahKhondokerDescription and Selection of Communication Services for Service Oriented Network Architectures
29.05.2015DanielGüntherEin Modell zur Auswahl von funktional abhängigen Blöcken in flexiblen Netzwerkarchitekturen
08.05.2015DennisChristmannDistributed Real-time Systems - Deterministic Protocols for Wireless Networks and Model-Driven Development with SDL
24.04.2015EgorDerevenetcRobustness against Relaxed Memory Models
16.04.2015BoZhangVITAL - Reengineering Variability Specifications and Realizations in Software Product Lines
13.04.2015MatthiasWilhelmFeasibility and Applications of a Wireless Firewall
27.03.2015BjörnForcherGenerierung verständlicher Erklärungen für Semantic Web Applikationen
06.03.2015DavidBannachTools and Methods to Support Opportunistic Human Activity Recognition
27.02.2015SörenKemmannSAHARA A Structured Approach for Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments
26.02.2015DanielSchallEnergy Efficiency in Database Systems
02.02.2015MayceAl AzawiStatistical Language Modeling for Historical Documents using Weighted Finite State Transducers and Long Short-Term Memory
23.01.2015IlhamKurniaAn Automata-Theoretic Approach to Open Actor System Verification
22.01.2015DanielCerneaUser-Centered Collaborative Visualization
09.01.2015SlawomirDuszynskiAnalyzing Similarity of Cloned Software Variants using Hierarchical Set Models
01.12.2014Ely WagnerAguiar de OliveiraA Measurement-based Process for Assessing Grid Infrastructures
13.11.2014TinoFleurenWorkflow-Skelette: Konzeptionen zur Modellierung und effizienten Ausführung wissenschaftlicher Workflows
07.11.2014ManuelGesellInteractive Verification of Synchronous Systems
06.11.2014SvenLindenThe LIR Space Partitioning System applied to the Stokes Equations
17.10.2014JoachimGötzeEin Modell zur generischen Nutzungserfassung in heterogenen IT-Infrastrukturen auf der Basis serviceorientierter Designprinzipien
02.10.2014NilsPetersenAcquiring and transferring workflow knowledge using Augmented reality
26.09.2014AlexeyReznichenkoPrivate-By-Design Advertising and Analytics: From Theory to Practice
31.07.2014PeterSalzTowards Patient-specific Electrical Impedance Tomography using 3D Thorax Models
31.07.2014MaxLangbeinHigher Order Moment Invariants and their Applications
17.07.2014SimonHufnagelTowards the Efficient Creation of Accurate and High-Performance Virtual Prototypes
11.07.2014DanielEngelExplorative and Model-based Visual Analysis of Multivariate Data
11.07.2014Sheik FaisalRashidOptical Recognition - A Combined ANN/HMM Approach
11.07.2014DamianBorthVisual Learning of Socio-Video Semantics
10.07.2014RolfWesterteigerVirtual Reality Methods for Research in the Geosciences
10.07.2014KlausDenkerAcquisition and On-line Reconstruction of 3D Point Data from Hand-held Laser Scanners and Multi-camera Stereo matching
13.06.2014AlainPaganiReality models for efficient registration in augmented Reality
23.05.2014Syed AtifMehdiUsing Human Daily Routine for Optimizing Search Process using a Service Robot in Elderly Care Applications
16.05.2014MalteKieselFacilitating Collaborative Ontology-Based Annotations in Communities of Interest
16.05.2014NatalliaKotavaApplications of Computational topology to the Visualization of Scalar Fields
09.05.2014KristinTuotProcess-Driven Document Analysis and Understanding
11.04.2014ZhenshengGuoA Scenario-based Approach for Identifying Complete Safety-oriented Requirements
03.03.2014FrankWeinbergPosition-and-Length-Dependent Context-Free Grammars ? A New Type of Restricted Rewriting
21.02.2014BastianZimmerEfficiently Deploying Safety-Critical Applications onto Integrated Architectures
14.02.2014MarkusGoldsteinAnomaly Detection in Large Datasets
10.01.2014DanielSchneiderConditional Safety Certification for Open Adaptive Systems
09.01.2014AttilaReissPersonalized Mobile Physical Activity Monitoring for Everyday Life
19.12.2013GeraldBauerMulti-Modal Activity Recognition Systems with Minimal Training Data and Unobtrusive Environmental Instrumentations
02.12.2013PatrickMichelA Formal Framework for Maintaining the Integrity of Structured Data
29.11.2013MichailAnastasopoulosEvolution Control for Software Product Lines: An Automation Layer over Configuration Management
08.11.2013SimonSchröderStochastic Methods for Fiber-Droplet Collisions in Flow Processes
08.11.2013DanielBaudischSynthesis of Synchronous Programs to Parallel Software Architectures
22.10.2013MatthiasReifAutomatic Support for the Development of Classification Systems
18.10.2013MikeGemündeClock Refinement in Imperative Synchronous Languages
13.09.2013RalfBiedertGaze Based Human-Text Interaction - Text 2.0
29.08.2013YannickWelschReasoning about Backward Compatibility of Class Libraries
23.07.2013Peter-ScottOlechChallenges of User-Centered Applications - Visualization on and Interaction with Arbitrary Display Environments
19.07.2013ChristianWagnerOnline Monitoring and Computational Steering of Passive Parallel CFD Simulations
03.07.2013MarcKrämerModellgetriebene Entwicklung von Kommunikationsprotokollen für vernetzte Regelungssysteme
21.06.2013RasmusAdlerA model-based approach for exploring the space of adaption behaviors of safety-related embedded systems
06.05.2013KaiBreinerAssistU - A framework for user interaction forensics
18.01.2013ThomasJörgIncremental Recomputations in Materialized Data Integration
17.01.2013DanielSchmidtSafe Navigation of a Climbing Robot Risk Assessment and Control Methods
19.12.2012SebastianAdam Incorporating Software Product Line Knowledge into Requirements Processes
14.12.2012NibalNayefGeometric-Based Smbol Spotting and Retrieval in Technical Line Drawings
14.12.2012SebastianBächleSeparating Key Concerns in Query Processing
14.11.2012Wint YiPoeDesign Problems in Large-Scale, Time-Sensitive WSNs
08.11.2012SebastianBlankA Biological Inspired Approach for Sensor Data Management in Modualr Agricultural Machines
06.11.2012Syed SaquibBukhariGeneric Methods for Document Layout analysis and Preprocessing
25.10.2012YiYangVisual Support for Safety Analysis
19.10.2012KaiHöfigFailure-Dependent Timing Analysis - A New Methodology for Probalistic Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis
12.10.2012AnikaSchulzSampling and Approximation in the Context of RNA Secondary Structure Prediction - Algorithms and Studies Based on Stochastic Context-Free Modeling
02.10.2012MatthiasNaabEnhancing Architecture Design Methods for Improved Flexibility in Long-Living Information Systems
28.09.2012DarkoObradovicComputational Social Nework Analysis of Authority in the Blogoshere
14.08.2012YiOuCaching for flash-based databases and flash-based caching for databases
18.07.2012JochenHirthTowards Socially Interactive Robots - Designing an Emotion-based Control Architecture
22.06.2012FangChenThe simulation and visualization of Multi-phase Fluid
15.06.2012FrankElberzhagerA Systematic Integration of Inspection and Testing Processes for Focusing Testing Activities
02.05.2012BenjaminAdrianInformation Extraxtion on the Semantic Web
02.03.2012ChristopherTuotA Collaborative Knowledge Management Approach to Provide Better Agricultural Decision Support
30.01.2012IgorMenzelOptimizing the Completeness of Textual Requirements Documents in Practice
20.01.2012FlorianSchmidtFunktionale Absicherung aktiver kamarabasierter Fahrerassistenzsysteme durch Hardware-in-the-Loop-Tests
19.01.2012KerstinBauerA New Modelling Language for Cyber-physical Systems
13.01.2012DominikDomisIntegrating Fault Tree analysis and Component-Oriented Model-Based Design of Embedded Systems
19.12.2011MarcusCiolkowskiAn Approach for Quantitative Aggregation of Evidence from Controlled Experiments in Software Engineering
16.12.2011SebastianPetschVisualization Methods for Sustainable Planning
13.12.2011FrankBöhrModel-based Statistical Testing of Embedded Reqal-Time Software with Continuous and Discrete Signals in a Concurrent Environment
12.12.2011NikolasNehmerException Handling - A Systematic Log-Based Approach
09.12.2011JohannesSchneiderOn the Ambiguity of Erasing Morphisms
16.11.2011RalfCarbonArchitecture-Centric Software Producibility Analysis
26.10.2011GabrieleWeilerConsistency checking for Ontology-Based Workflows
17.10.2011MartinRoehderEin situativ entscheidendes Fahrzeugsystem für den vorausschauenden Fußgängerschutz
30.09.2011KarstenSchmidtSelf-Tuning Storage and Indexing for Native XML DBMSs.
05.09.2011DanielBurkhartSubdivision for Volumetric Finite Elements
23.08.2011ChristopherWeberMethods for Detection and Reconstruction of Sharp Features in Point Cloud Data
25.07.2011GerritHanselmannOn the priciple of heterogeneous redundancy based Bayesian approach to integrate static and dynamic fault prediction models
22.07.2011BernhardMillaMonte Carlo Complexity of Intitial Value Problems and Indefinite Integration
21.07.2011AndreasWeinerCost-based XQuery Optimization in Native XML Database Systems-Concepts, Implementation, and Empirical Evaluation
24.06.2011ThomasPatzkeSustainable Evolution of Product Line Infrastructure Code
21.06.2011AnsgarLamersdorfModel-based Decision Support of Task Allocation in Global Software Development
02.05.2011MesutIpekEine Testfallspezifkationssprache für das funktionsorientierte Testen von reaktiven eingebetteten Systemen im Automobilen Bereich
28.04.2011MichaelSchlemmerPattern Recognition for Feature Based and Comparative Visualization
21.04.2011NorbertSchmitzDynamic Modeling of Communication Partners for Socially Interactive Humanoid Robots
24.02.2011Bernd-HelgeSchäferControl System Design Schemata and their Application in Off-road Robotics
09.02.2011HaraldObermaierMulti-Field Visualization
09.02.2011SebastianThelenVisualization and Interaction Metaphors for Large High-Resolution Displays
04.02.2011AlexanderGeraldyAdaptive Routingprotokolle für drahtlose, mobile Ad-hoc-Netzwerke
21.01.2011BerndReutherEin serviceorientierter Ansatz zur Abstraktion von Kommunikationsprotokollen Im Internet
26.11.2010ThorstenKeulerAn Aspect-oriented Approach Improving Architecture Design Efficiency
05.11.2010JanSchäferA Programming Model and Language for Concurrent and Distributed Object-Oriented Systems
24.09.2010MartinProetzschDevelopment Process for Complex Behavior-Based Robot Control Systems
17.09.2010ManuelMöllerFusion of Spatial Information Models with Formal Ontologies in the Medical Design
15.07.2010JörgDörrElicitation of a Complete Set of Non-Functional Requirements
15.07.2010Ribeiro LeonardoAndradeA Framework for XML Similarity Joins
29.06.2010GeorgBuscherUsing Eye Tracking to Capture Attention and Personalize Search
28.06.2010SteffenWolfOptimizing Problems in Self-Organizing Networks
18.06.2010Joostvan BeusekomOptical Document Security in High Volume Office Environments
21.05.2010Boris StummÄnderungsmanagement in großen Informationssystemen
12.05.2010JensKnodelSustainable Structures in Software Implementations by Live Compliance Checking
10.05.2010OveArmbrustSCOPE: An Approach for Scoping Software Processes
30.03.2010Jose De AguiarMoraes FilhoSummarizing XML Documents: Contributions, Empirical Studies, and Challenges
10.03.2010MatthiasPriebeOn the Design of a Middleware for Super-Peer Desktop Grids
12.02.2010AndreasMorgensternSymbolic Controller Synthesis for LTL-Specifications
08.02.2010RolandNeumannOrthogonalisierte Softwaremaße in der Fehlerprognose
29.01.2010SvenSchwarzContext Awareness and Context-Sensitive Interfaces for Knowledge Work support
17.12.2009ChristianWebelA Formal Approach to the Development of Network Quality-of-Service
27.11.2009JürgenGöresA Model Management Framework for Information Integration
20.11.2009Isabel JohnPatternbased Documentation Analysis for Software Product Lines
20.11.2009PatricKellerAdaptive Extraction and Representation of Geometric Structures from Unorganized 3D Point Sets
20.11.2009OliverRübelLinking Automated analysis and Visualization with application in Development Biology and High-energy Physics
19.11.2009MartinSotoThe DeltaProcess Approach to Systematic Software Process Change Management
09.10.2009AdrianUlgesVisual concept Learning from User-tagged Web Video
17.07.2009ChristianMathisStoring, Indexing, and Querying XML Documents in Native XML Database Management Systems
07.07.2009MatthiasGroßTowards Scientific Applications for Interactive Ray Casting
29.06.2009JochenMüllerSystematische Entwicklung serviceorientierter Workflows - Ein Beitrag zur prozessorientierten Komposition von Diensten in Anwendungsdomänen
05.06.2009LeopoldSauermannThe Gnowsis Semantic Desktop approach to Personal Information Management
07.05.2009EricRasLearning spaces: automatic Context-Aware Enrichment of Software Engineering
29.04.2009AndreasJedlitschkaAn Emprical Model of Software Managers' Information Needs for Software Engineering Technology Selection
20.04.2009MarekGawkowskiFormal Framework for Proof Generating Optimizers
27.03.2009TimBraunCost-Efficient Global Robot Navigation in Rugged Offroad Terrain
24.03.2009GabrieleBleserTowards Visual-Inertial SLAM for Mobile Augmented Reality
06.03.2009CarstenHillenbrandSicheres Klettern eines radgetriebenen Roboters mit Unterdruckkammern an porösen Flächen
23.02.2009IngmarFliegeComponent-based Development of Communication Protocols
20.02.2009ThomasKuhnModel Driven Development of MacZ - A QoS Medium Access Control Layer for Ambient Intelligence Systems
16.02.2009Jan OlafBlechCertifying System Translations Using Higher Order Theorem Provers
13.02.2009OliverWirjadiModels and Algorithms for Image-Based Analysis of Microstructures
06.02.2009ChristianDengerSafeSpection - A framework for Systemization and Customization of Software Hazard Identification by Applying Inspection Concepts
26.11.2008RobertKalcklöschGossip-Based Diagnosis of Arbitrary Component-Oriented Systems
12.11.2008MarkusTrappGenerating User Interfaces for ambient Intelligence Systems - Introducing Client Types as Adaption Factor
10.11.2008AlexisOcampoThe REMIS Approach to Rationale-based Support for Process Model Evolution
31.10.2008JensHeidrichGoal-oriented Quantitative Software Project Control
08.10.2008InaSchaeferIntegrating Formal Verification into Model-based Development of Adaptive Embedded Systems
07.10.2008AdamTrendowiczSoftware Effort Estimation with Well-Founded Causal Models
30.09.2008FrankMichelSimulation und Visualization of In-and Outdoor Sound
09.07.2008BurkhardLehnerMeshing Techniques for Image/Video Compression and Surface Construction
20.06.2008TomBobachNatural Neighbor Interpolation - Critical Assessment and New Contributions
30.05.2008FaisalShafaitGeometric Layout Analysis of Scanned Documents
13.05.2008IngaSchelerAnalyse und Visualisierung raumplanerischer Prozesse mit Hilfe von Voronoi-Diagrammen
25.04.2008TorstenBierzIntuitive Interaction for Immersive Visualization Systems
21.04.2008MarkusHillenbrandServiceorintierung im Internet
11.04.2008ArianeMiddelVisualizing Urban Futures
11.04.2008EduardDeinesAcoustic Simulation and Visualization Algorithms
02.04.2008DirkHenriciSecurity and Privacy in Large-scale RFID Systems
04.03.2008ThomasKleinbergerEin Modell für das situative Lernen mit adaptiven kontinuierlichen Medien
20.02.2008StefanAgneBench-Marking der Text-basierten Anteile eines exemplarischen DAU-Systems
31.01.2008AlexanderHilliger von ThileDatenbereitstellung für business-Intelligence-analysen aus komplexen ad-hoc Prozessen
18.01.2008HolgerDiekmannSoftware Resource Consumption Engineering for Mass Produced Embedded Systems Families
21.12.2007PhilippDopichajContent-oriented retrieval on document-centric XML
14.12.2007HijaziYounisFeature Based Visualization
19.10.2007ChristophGarthVisualization of Complex Three-Dimensional Flow Structures
12.10.2007IngoGinkelAnalysis und Tuning Techniques for Subdivision Algorithms
06.07.2007Heiko Maus Workflow-Kontext zur Realisierung prozessorientierter Assistenz in Organisational Memories
29.06.2007Rüdiger Grammes Verfahren zur syntaktischen und semantischen Modularisierung von Modellierungssprachen
22.06.2007Jens Brandt A Layered Approach to Plygon Processing for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
20.06.2007Benedikte Elbel Ein Modell zur Untersuchung der Formalisierbarkeit des funktionsorientierten Tests
15.03.2007Tobias Schüle Verification of Infinite State Systems Using Presburger Arithmetic
12.02.2007Ge Zhang A model for user based IP traffic accounting
15.12.2006DanielReidenbachThe Amiguity of Morphisms in Free Monoids and Ist Impact on Algorithmic Properties of Pattern Languages
27.10.2006MajaRubyInformation Clustering in der Umweltinformatik
28.07.2006MarkMüllerAnalyzing Software Quality Assurance Strategies through Simulation - Development and Empirical Validation of a Simulation Model in an Industrial software Product Line Organization
20.06.2006BerndFreimutMAGIC: A Hybrid Modeling Approach for Optimizing Inspection Cost-Effectiveness
14.06.2006TobiasSchmidt-SamoaFlexible Heuristic Control for Combining Automation and User-Interaction in Inductive Theorem Proving
03.02.2006Gerd JosefReisAlgorithmische Aspekte des vier-dimenionalen Ultraschalls
27.01.2006BernhardKaiserState/Event Fault Trees: A Safety and Reliability analysis Technique for Software-Controlled Systems
22.12.2005MichaelHausteinFeingranulare Transaktionsisolation in nativen XML-Datenbanksystemen
22.11.2005DirkHamannTowards an Integrated Approach for Software Process Improvement: Combining Software Process Assessment and Software Process Modeling
30.09.2005CarstenWiegandOptimal Monte Carlo and Quantum Algorithms for Parametric Integration
05.08.2005MarkusNickExperience Maintencance through Closed-Loop Feedback
20.07.2005BerndLöchnerAdvances in Equational Theorem Proving - Architecture, Algorithms, and Redundancy Avoidance
15.07.2005MarioTrappModeling the Adaptation Behavior of Adaptive Embedded Systems
17.06.2005RobertEschbachFormal Specification and Verification: Structures and Techniques
15.06.2005Jean-FrancoisGirardADORE-AR:Software Architecture Reconstruction with Partition and Clustering
11.03.2005StephanBaumannArtifical Listening System - Modellierung und Approximation der individuellen Perzeption von Musikähnlichkeit
04.03.2005JernejKovseModel-Driven Development of Versioning Systems
17.02.2005MarcusFlehmigDatenintegration über das Web mit SHARX
17.02.2005JoachimTheesAusdruckfähigkeit und effiziente Implementierbarkeit formaler Beschreibungstechniken am Beispiel von Estelle
10.02.2005FranzKammermeyerCoverIBGF: A Multi-Attribute Index Structure with Guarateed Performance and Efficient Support
17.12.2004AndreasMetzgerSoftware-Qualitätssicherung durch Automatisierung - Ein modellbasierter Ansatz
26.11.2004Jan PeterRiegelMusterbasierte Entwicklung echtzeitfähiger Gebäudesimulatoren
19.11.2004ThomasKolligEfficient Sampling and Robust Algorithms for Photorealstic Image
05.11.2004AnsgarBernardiEin Wissensmanagementansatz für die Unterstützung der Instandhaltung komplexer Maschinen
27.09.2004MarkusBonModellierung und Abwicklung von Datenflüssen in unternehmensübergreifenden Geschäftsprozessen
28.05.2004MartinBeckerAnpassungsunterstützung in Software-Produktfamilien
24.05.2004ArminHustQuery Expansion Methods for Collaborative Information Retrieval
21.05.2004JoachimBayerView-Based Software Documentation
03.05.2004WolfgangMahnkeKomponentenbasierter Schemaentwurf für objekt-relationale Datenbankverwaltungssysteme
30.04.2004PhilippSchaibleWiederverwendungsbasierte Entwicklung von Kommunikationssystemen
15.04.2004AchimEbertContext-Sensitive Visualization
12.03.2004UlrikeBecker-KornstaedtA Method for Systematic Elicitation of Software Processes
20.02.2004RüdigerEbendtHeuristic and Exact Optimizaton of Reduced Binary Diagrams
05.12.2003ChristophKöglComputer Algebra Software for Finitely Presented Monoids and Groups
28.11.2003ErosComunelloCMIIS - The Cyclops Medical Image Interpretation System
28.11.2003DirkKrechelRadAss - A Framework for Process Oriented Knowledge Management in the field of Radiology
21.11.2003PetraMalik,From Supervisory Control to Nonblocking Controllers for Discrete Event Systems
10.10.2003KlaudiaHergulaDaten- und Funktionsintegration durch Föderierte Datenbanksysteme
10.10.2003ArminStahlLearning of Knowledge-Intensive Similiarity in Case-Based Reasoning
10.10.2003JochemHüllenInformationsbeschaffung durch Dynamische Aktionsplanung am Beispiel der Suche im Internet
01.10.2003SandraZillesUniform Learning of Recursive Functions
26.09.2003DirkEbertBildbasierte Erzeugung kollosionsfreier Transferbewegungen für Industrieroboter
16.09.2003Gunther H.WeberVisualization of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data and Topology-based Exploration of Volume Data
25.07.2003LarsGeyerVariabilitätenmanagement in Produktfamilien
03.07.2003MichaelMünchhofenEin komponentenbasiertes Framework zur Integration von visualisierungstechniken
27.06.2003IngridHotzGeometrische algorithmen zur Visualisierung diskreter und kontinuierlicher Tensorfelder
07.03.2003SaschaSchmittDialog Tailoring for Similarity Based Electronic Commerce Systems
28.02.2003JörgZettelAnpassbare Methodenassistenz in CASE-Werkzeugen
21.02.2003SigridGoldmannA Model of Project Planning and Management in Complex Domains
20.12.2002WeipingZhangSupporting Object-Oriented Software Development by Object-Relational Database Technology - A Performance Study
13.12.2002UllrichMarderMultimedia-Metacomputing in Web-basierten multimedialen Informationssystemen
14.11.2002HaraldHolzProcess-Based Knowledge Managment Support for Software Engineering
08.11.2002ThomasRoth-BerghoferKnowledge Maintenance of Case-Based Reasoning Systems - The SIAM Methodology
25.10.2002MarkusBergHochauflösende störungsfreie Entfernungsmessung mit Ultraschall durch korrelative Verfahren
18.10.2002ThomasWischgollClosed Streamlines in Flow Visualization
15.10.2002ClaudiaWenzelErwartungsgesteuertes inhaltliches Dokumentverstehen durch integrierte Akquisition und Nutzung von Dokumentwissen
14.10.2002HolgerPeineRun-time Support for Mobile Code
11.10.2002JoachimWeberGlobale Selbstlokalisation für mobile Service Roboter
18.07.2002HelmuthHamfeldAktive Stereoskopie, Neue Verfahren zur dreidimensionalen Vermessung von Objekten
17.07.2002DirkMuthigA light-Weight Approach Facilitating an Evolutionary Transition Towards Software Product Lines
05.07.2002RainerKosterA Middlerware Platform for Information Flow
27.06.2002KlausSchmidPlanning Software Reuse - A disciplined Scoping Approach for Software Product Lines
03.05.2002Boris, MariaKöttingDer Nutzen virtueller Marktplätze für die Software Entwicklungsdomäne
24.04.2002XavierTricocheVector and Tensor Field Topology Simplifications, Tracking and Visualization
19.04.2002StefanQueinsPROBAND - eine Requirements-engineering Methode zur systematischen domänenspezifischen Entwicklung reaktiver Systeme
19.02.2002PeterDannenmannSimulation und Visualisierung des Fehlverhaltens von Luft- und Raumfahrtsystemen
15.02.2002ChristianeGresse von WangenheimOperationalizing Reuse of Software Measurement Planning Knowledge
15.02.2002FrankRößlerCollaboration-Based Design of Communicating Systems with SDL
21.12.2001Hans-PeterSteiertAspekte der generativen Entwicklung von ORDBMS-basierten Datenverwaltungsdiensten
14.12.2001JochenBauerTaktile Exploration und Schieben mit einem mobilen Manipulator
07.12.2001DirkSchröderFeature Erkennung mittels Neuronaler Netze
28.11.2001JürgenMünchMuster-basierte Erstellung von Software-Projektplänen
16.11.2001AntjeKnethen von Change-Oriented Requirements Traceability Support for Evolution of Embedded Systems
02.11.2001JohannesTimmerOptimal Monte Carlo Algorithms for Integral Equations in Sobolev Spaces
01.10.2001DietmarPfahlAn Integrated Approach to Simulation-Based Learning in Support of Strategic and Projekt Management in Software Organisations
11.07.2001BirgitGeppertThe SDL Pattern Approach - A Reuse-Driven SDL Methodology for Designing Communication Software Systems
27.06.2001ChristofNuberIntegration von Virtual Reality und Simulationen: Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Produktentwicklung und Betrieb in der Raumfahrt
27.06.2001AlexaNawotkiEine selektive Methode zur Verschlüsselung von Konstruktionsdaten mit Wavelets
18.06.2001ThorstenKrampFexible Run-Time Support for Real-Time Computing
11.06.2001IsabellaWieczorekImproved Software Cost-Estimation- A Robust and Interpretable Method and a Comprehensive Empirical Investigation
01.06.2001UlrichNageldingerCoarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture Design Space Exploration
18.05.2001UlrickeBossongAnwendung der Methoden der multikriteriellen Optimierung zur Ermittlung ästhetischer Flächen in Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Engineering
20.04.2001GeorgMolterSoftware Reuse Based Upon Architectural Knowledge
20.04.2001ChristianeDifferdingAdaptive Measurement Plans for Software Development
16.03.2001ErikKamstiesSurfacing Ambiguity in Natural Language Requirements
16.02.2001LotharBaumA Generative Approach to Customized Run-Time Platforms
09.02.2001MarkusJunkerA Generative Approach to Customized Run-time Platforms
09.02.2001ThomasKieningerIdentifikation und analyse frei formatierter Tabellen
12.01.2001MichaelHerzHigh-Performance Memory Communication Architectures for Coarse-grained Reconfigurable Systems
10.01.2001JörgWendtEin System zur Berechnung und Visualisierung elastischer Spline-Kurven
12.01.2001HaraldGurresAutomatisches Beweisen mit disjunktiven Beweisverfahren
22.12.2000CarstenLojewskiEine parallele Systemarchitektur für die Visualisierung statischer und zeitabhängiger Volumendaten
15.12.2000MartinKronenburgAn Approach to the Creation of Precise, intelligible Problem Spezifications of Large Reactive Systems
01.12.2000AlexanderSahlerOptimierung von Dosisgewichtung und Isodosen-Neigungswinkel für die konformierte Bestrahlungsplanung
03.11.2000FrankWeberskirchPlanning with Knowlegde about Types and Goal Orderings
03.11.2000HenningBarthelKomponentenbasiertes visuelles Prototyping von Visualisierungsanwendungen
27.10.2000DirkZeckzerImplementation, Applications, and Complexity of Prefix Gröbner Bases in Monoid and Group Rings
29.09.2000HenrikLoeserEinsatz objekt-rationaler Datenbanksysteme für Web-Informationssysteme
18.09.2000NanZhangSupporting Semantically Rich Relationsships in Extensible Object-Relational Database Management Systems
15.09.2000ChristianBunsePattern Based Refinement and Translation of Object-Oriented Models in Code
15.09.2000AndreasBirkA Knowledge Management Infrastructure for Systematic improvement in Software Engineering
12.09.2000HaraldMeyer auf`m HofeKombinatorische Optimierung mit Constraintverfahren- Problemlösung ohne anwendungsspezifische Suchstragien
11.09.2000CarstenTautzCustomizing Software Engineering -Experience-Management Systems to Organizational Needs
16.05.2000OliverLaitenbergerCost-effective Detection of Software Defects through Perspective-based-Inspections
31.03.2000MichaelBenderA Functional Framework for Efficient Web-based Scientific Vizualization Systems
04.02.2000BarbaraDellenChange Impact Analysis Support for Software-Development Processes
28.01.2000DirkFuchsCooperation in Heterogeneous Theorem Prover-Networks