The professors of the department are assigned to seven specialisations of the Bachelor's course of studies.
Lehrgebiet Algorithmik und Deduktion Fachberater Prof. Dr. Anthony Lin
Automated Reasoning Group Prof. Dr. Anthony Lin
Algorithm Accountability Lab Dr. Katharina Zweig
Rigorous Software Engineering (MPI-SWS) Prof. Dr. Rupak  Majumdar
Lehrgebiet Visualisierung und Scientific Computing Fachberater Prof. Dr. Christoph Garth
Scientific Visualization Group Prof. Dr. Christoph Garth
Geometric Modeling Prof. Dr. Hans Hagen
Scientific Computing Group Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gauger
Visual Information Analysis Group Dr. Heike Leitte
AG Human Computer Interaction apl. Prof. Dr. Achim Ebert
Lehrgebiet Eingebettete Systeme und Robotik Fachberater Prof. Dr. Klaus Schneider
Robotics Research Lab Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns
Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Group Prof. Dr. Christoph  Grimm
Embedded Systems Group Prof. Dr. Klaus Schneider
Lehrgebiet Intelligente Systeme Fachberater Prof. Dr. Marius Kloft
Artificial Intelligence Group Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel
Machine Learning Group Prof. Dr. Marius Kloft
Embedded Intelligence Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz
Augmented Vision Group Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker
Machine Learning Group Junior Dr. Sophie Fellenz
Applied Machine Learning Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer
Lehrgebiet Informationssysteme Fachberater Prof. Dr. Stefan Deßloch
Heterogenous Information Systems Group Prof. Dr. Stefan Deßloch
Database and Information Systems Group Prof. Dr. Sebastian Michel
Lehrgebiet Software-Engineering Fachberater Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer
Programming Languages Prof. Dr. Ralf Hinze
Software Engineering Group Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer
Software Technology Group Dr. Annette Bieniusa
Digital Farming Group Prof. Dr. Jörg Dörr
Lehrgebiet Verteilte und vernetzte Systeme Fachberater Prof. Dr. Jens Schmitt
Distributed Computer Systems Lab Prof. Dr. Jens Schmitt