The following text is a translated excerpt from the examination regulations for the Master's course of studies (May 6, 2005) plus some clarifications (coloured background).
It is given only informally and has no legal relevance.

(1) The procedure described here is meant to determine the technical and personal qualification of applicants for the admission to the Master's Course of Studies in Computer Science.

(2) The prerequisite for the participation in the selection procedure is - as stipulated in §4 sect 2 of examination regulations for the Master's Course of Studies in Computer Science - the determination of the equivalence of the completed college studies of the applicants to the Bachelor's Course of Studies in Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern. Equivalence can generally be considered as granted for all accredited Bachelor's Course of Studies of Computer Science at German universities. In all other cases, equivalence will be determined by the examination board of the department on the basis of the studies' scope, contents, and orientation.

(3) Determination of qualification and - as the case may be - verification of the studies' equivalence will be conducted on the basis of the following documents to be added to the application in German or English:

  1. Leaving certificate of the study courses and - if required - further documents showing final grade, duration of studies, and other performances, e.g. in form of an academic transcript, transcript of records, or equivalent proofs of performance.
  2. Description of contents of the courses listed in No. 1.
  3. Statement with reasons for the intended takingup of the studies and explanations of study aims.
  4. Presentation of professional and personal development (curriculum vitae), if applicable, with descriptions of practical knowledge and experience.
  5. Recommendation letters of at least 2 university/college lecturers. The recommendation letters should include statement on how well the applicant completed his/her studies in relation to other candidates of the course of studies.
  6. For foreign applicants, a proof of English language proficiency is required. As proof, TOEFL iBT (score of at least 79) and IELTS (at least 6.0) are accepted. Exemptions for applicants from certain countries apply. Further information can be found on the online application platform.

    The University of Kaiserslautern requires proof of basic knowledge in the German language. This knowledge can be acquired after enrolment and is not required for admission.

As an option, additional proof or test results, such as GRE general or GRE subject test, can be added to the application if they may contribute to the determination of qualification.

(4) If a Bachelor's has been completed at the University of Kaiserslautern, only the documents described in Section 3, No. 1 will be required. If an accredited Bachelor's in computer science has been completed at another German university, only the documents described in Section 3, No. 1-5 will be required.

(5) The determination of qualification is performed on the basis of the documents listed in Section 3 by the examination board, and results in an assessment "qualified" or "non-qualified" for each of the applications. If the qualification of the applicant cannot be determined on the basis of the application documents, the examination board can demand additional results from a GRE general test or the GRE subject test in Computer Science as an additional qualifications proof or request the applicant to come to an application presentation of about a quarter of an hour.

(6) The qualification determination is based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. Active mastering of the English language
  2. Above average performance in the completed college graduation in computer science
  3. Practical knowledge and experience suitable for the Master’s studies
  4. Sufficient motivation for the studies
  5. Capability for concentrated and efficient studying

(7) If the applicant considered as “non-qualified” for the studies, he gets an official notification with instructions about the available legal remedies.

(8) The qualification-determination procedure can only be repeated if the applicant has acquired at least 60 LP in the area of Computer Science in addition to those of the last application or other additional practical knowledge and experience of at least one year.

(9) On the conducted qualification-determination procedures, minutes will be taken. For viewing the files, §25 sect 2 AMPO will be applicable.