Computer Science (B.Sc./M.Sc., until SS18)

The Department of Computer Science offers Bachelor's/Master's Courses of Studies "Computer Science" since 2005.
Both courses of studies received accreditation from the ASIIN.

The Bachelor's course of studies "Computer Science" teaches knowledge in

  • information sciences,
  • natural sciences, and
  • mathematics.
Graduates are able to plan, design, and realize computer-based systems in different areas.

This course of studies is taught in German language.

The Master's course of studies "Computer Science" deepens and extends the technical basis acquired in the Bachelor Course of Studies "Computer Science" in the area of fundamentals, systems, and applications. In particular, this improves the abilities for planning, designing and realization of information systems as well as the professional qualification.

This program can be studied in German and English language.

You can enrol both courses of studies as well in summer session, as in winter session.

If you have any further questions regarding the Bachelor's-Master's Courses of Studies, please contact or address to the manager of the department, Dr. habil. Bernd Schürmann (tel.: (+49) 0631-205-2507).