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You can subscribe to our departments event-calendar via [iCAL]-Feed

RSS-Feed Abonnement

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) enables a user to subscribe to the content of a website (e.g. current news). This allows these contents and their changes to be monitored without having to visit the websites. (See also Wikipedia articel.)

What feeds are currently available?

At the moment there is a feed with the contents of the item News available: [RSS-Logo] RSS feed

How to use an RSS feed?

There are three widespread forms of use for end users:
  • As messages via a suitable mail program.
    Here, the new entries are typically displayed in the same way as incoming emails. This usually also allows an overview of which messages have already been read.
    Suitable mail clients (among others):
  • Via a dedicated RSS reader
    (see for example this list of readers)
  • Or via a Web application
    (also listed on the list of readers under "Web-based clients")

A detailed list of possible clients with additional information can be found in this Wikipedia articel

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