Anja Hamscher

(AG distributed computer systems / disco)
hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Modeling IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking With Network Calculus"

EEE Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a new standard for Ethernet that is developed by the AVB Task Group (IEEE 802.1). It aims to provide real-time guarantees on top of Ethernet’s other desirable properties, such as high bandwidths, cheapness and ease of implementation and heterogeneity of network elements. With any new network protocol, the question of its performance arises. Using network calculus is a way to achieve this and has gained attention by researchers. It is a mathematical framework that provides a foundation for conducting performance analyses of networks, much like queueing theory. Unlike queueing theory, when using network calculus we are able to determine the worst-case, not the average-case. The framework allows us to determine worst-case delays, buffer dimensioning, etc. In this talk, we present the foundation of the network calculus framework and how it is used in research related to TSN.

Time: Monday, 13.06.2022, 16:00
Place: 48-680

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