Bo Zhou

(DFKI, Embedded Intelligence, Prof. Paul Lukowicz)
hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Textile Pressure Mapping (TPM) for Pervasive and Wearable Activity Recognition: Sensing, Framework and Applications"

Planar force or pressure is a fundamental physical aspect during any people-vs-people and people-vs-environment activities and interactions. It is as significant as the more established linear and angular acceleration (normally acquired by inertial measurement units). However, the studies involving planar pressure are still a niche part in the discipline of activity recognition, using ad-hoc systems and data analysis methods. This dissertation systematically investigates using planar pressure distribution sensing for pervasive and wearable activity recognition purposes. We propose a generic Textile Pressure Mapping (TPM) Framework, that encapsulates of (1) design knowledge and guidelines, (2) a multi-layered tool including hardware, software and algorithms, and (3) an ensemble of examples. Through validation with various empirical studies, the unified TPM framework covers the full scope of application recognition including the ambient, object and wearable subspaces. The hardware part constructs a general architecture and implementations in the large-scale and mobile directions separately. The software toolkit consists of four heterogeneous tiers: driver, data processing, machine learning, visualization and feedback. With the TPM framework, other researchers and developers can evaluate TPM sensing modality in their application scenarios.

Time: Tuesday, 04.06.2019, 13:45
Place: 48-680