Department of Computer Science at RPTU in Kaiserslautern

Dr. Lucja Kot

(Cornell University)

"Entangled queries: an abstraction for declarative data-driven coordination."

Today's Web 2.0 users increasingly want to perform data-driven tasks that involve collaboration and coordination. Friends want to make joint travel plans, students want to enroll in courses together, and busy professionals want to coordinate their schedules. These tasks are surprisingly difficult to support using existing database system abstractions, as the coordination required is in direct conflict with isolation -- a key property of ACID transactions.

In the Youtopia project at Cornell, we believe that data-driven coordination is so pervasive that it deserves dedicated support through a clean, declarative abstraction. It is time to move beyond isolation and support declarative, data-driven coordination (D3C) as a undamental mode of data management. In this talk, I will introduce entangled queries - a simple yet powerful abstraction and mechanism to enable D3C. These queries allow users to specify the coordination required, such as "I want to travel on the same flight as my friend". At runtime, the system performs the coordination ensuring the specifications are met. I will discuss the syntax, semantics and evaluation of these queries, as well as introducing a range of broader research challenges associated with designing for D3C.

Bio: Lucja Kot received her PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University and is now a postdoctoral associate at Cornell. Her research interests are in collaborative data management and data integration, as well as database theory. She has worked on cooperative update exchange, XML constraints and static analysis. She has also spent time at Google developing solutions for Deep Web information extraction.

Zeit: Freitag, 12.11.2010, 11.00 Uhr
Ort: MPI-SWS Kaiserslautern, Raum 206
Hinweis: Der Vortrag wird live nach MPI-SWS Saarbrücken 5. Etage übertragen.